Version 8.0 Release Notes

For a video orientation of the new 8.0 features, as well as short videos on the new user interface, relationship builder tool, and the redesigned Relationship tab, see the Version 8.0 Feature Videos article.

New Features

  • (#388) Easily access important forms and reports with the new Organizational, Plan, and Event Dashboards. These dashboards can be accessed whenever you're working in an organizational unit, plan, or event and are displayed as a slide-out panel.
  • (#644) Redesigned the Relationship tab on all objects and also added a new Relationship Builder tool, which can then be added to the dashboards.
  • (#1493) Redesigned the entire Global AlertLink user interface to align with the Resolver brand and provide a more polished look. See the User Interface Changes in Global AlertLink 8.0 article for more information.
  • (#1505) Consolidated the plan picker into a single step in the General tab on mini plan forms.
  • (#1771) Improved the By Recipient message screen data to correctly show counts summarized by contact.
  • (#1830) Adjusted the default system configuration value for the Max Response Option from 4,000 characters to 25.
  • (#1939) Improved error handling and messaging when customerIds are missing on the Geo import. This improvement will work with an upcoming import converter release in the near future.
  • (#2188) The Global AlertLink User's Guide is now available in our online knowledge base.

Bug Fixes

  • (#1739) Multiple quick presses with your mouse no longer create duplicate action step dependencies.
  • (#1753) Corrected an issue that allowed custom fields to be created without a type.
  • (#1778) Corrected an issue with the "Before this Date" and "After This Date" times in the main search panel being reversed.
  • (#1793) Fixed a potential issue with user imports that would prevent new users from being created if the contact had a previously attached user that had been deleted.
  • (#1806) Fixed an issue that would prevent an error message from clearing when entering invalid latitude and longitude data while editing a contact.
  • (#1812) Resolved a bug that would occasionally prevent comments on denied dependent reviews from being saved. 
  • (#1818) Users can now add a category to a News & Updates or Document record.
  • (#1829) Added additional validation to form submissions to prevent the < or > characters from causing errors when saving.
  • (#1854) Corrected an issue that allowed incomplete geo data to be saved to a folder.
  • (#1857) Custom fields attached to both a contact and non-contact item no longer incorrectly mask on non-contact items. Custom fields are now only masked when applied to a contact.
  • (#1894) An object's table now shows the correct number of rows after sharing.
  • (#2102) Resolved a bug introduced in a security fix in 7.11.01 which eliminated ability to unshare a record. To unshare a record, users must have a minimum of Edit permissions on the destination item and Read permissions on the item being shared, and the action must completed from the Edit view.
  • (#2454) Added a secondary check to remove non-numeric characters from voice callerId field.
  • (#2464) Corrected a bug that prevented the Relationship Editor form pop-up from closing when "Save and Exit" was selected.